Organized Chaos

This project visualizes the ironies of living in urban Manila. With limited job opportunities, many Filipinos from the rural areas migrate to the city in search for work or better opportunities in life. As the population density increases and competes with the built environment, urban structures are used for more than their intended functions.


Organized Chaos is part of ‘Mapping Invisible Cities’ a photographic kaleidoscope of more than 50 images from South East Asian capitals, taken by 26 photographers in Jakarta, Hanoi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore.

Mapping Invisible Cities was exhibited at Freelens Galerie (Hamburg), Annexe Galeries (Kuala Lumpur), Goethe Institut Thailand, Goethe Institut Hanoi, Goethe Institut Singapore, Goethehaus Gallery Jakarta, and Shangri-la Plaza (Manila).

Curators: Alex Supartono/ Peter Bialobrzeski