Digital vs. Print

A writer friend asked me  “”What does paper mean to you as a photographer? How would you compare working with print and paper versus working with the digital media? Which do you prefer and why?”

While digital is now widely accepted, yet I think, to be published in paper (books or magazine) is still considered by many as an effective way to establish yourself as a photographer – especially here in the Philippines. Working with print and paper vs. working with the digital media has its own advantages and disadvantages. There’s the added cost of printing when working with print and paper, while with digital, all you need is a digital file and photo editing software and you can publish your work electronically without the usual ‘overhead’ cost. But again, this really depends on the market you’re trying to serve. If you’re a photographer working in editorial and commercial markets, all you have to submit are digital files. But if you’re a photographer working with a gallery, or if you’re selling prints, then of course you really need to have your images printed. In terms of preference, again it depends on what the client wants but – for personal work, I prefer having it in print using the best printing process I can afford because after all, photographs are best appreciated or experienced in a physical manner.

How about you? What are your thoughts on these?

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