Visit Art Market at Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Art Market Invite

In case you’re in Dubai, please visit Empty Quarter Gallery‘s Art Market, where some of my work from the Home Sweet Home series was included. Art market is a collective show of some of the best works Empty Quarter have exhibited. The show was curated to reflect The Empty Quarter’s success over the years, and to show some of the gallery’s most renowned works.

Exhibiting Artists:

Herbert Ponting
Josef Hoflehner
Sami Nabeel
Marc Riboud
Leila Alaoui
Eman Mahammed
Laura El Tantawy
Martin Roermers
Dennis Rito
Pamela Hanson

The Empty Quarter Gallery is located at DIFC Gate Village 2, Dubai, UAE.
Show is from 12 June – 12 August 2013

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